About Us

For over four decades, 77 Main Street Properties has been regarded as one of Andover's leading property management companies. We specialize in the ownership and management of mixed use properties located in downtown Andover.

In 1967, Nicholas Aznoian purchased a 19th century Victorian house at 77 Main Street, Andover. This building was formally known as the Killorin residence, which housed employees who worked at the nearby post office during the early-to-mid 1900's. Mr. Aznoian cleverly repositioned the building (to preserve its historical significance) and built a commercial building adjacent to it. These buildings are now attached and offer a mix of residential, office and retail space to the community. Today his daughter, Leslie Aznoian, manages the day-to-day operations of the company and continues to cater to the needs of the tenants. Together, with her mother Grace and sister Lynn Kanayan, the family strives to live up to Mr. Aznoian's hardworking values and sense of integrity and fairness.

77 Main Street Properties' portfolio includes some of Andover's premiere businesses, including H&R Block, Verizon Wireless and Caffè Nero. 77 Main Street Properties is known for quality service. Because of this, we are highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. Our friendly and exceptional service sets us apart from other property management companies. Other property management companies cannot meet our extensive resources and long-standing relationships with the community.

Call 77 Main Street Properties today and learn why we are Andover's best choice for property management. (978) 475-9796.

About Andover

Located approximately 23 miles north of Boston, Andover is known for its lively and diversified local economy. The town accesses major intersecting highways and a busy rail-line. It is also close to two international airports, the Massachusetts seashore, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Andover offers a thriving downtown central business district.

Andover is world renown for being the home of one of the oldest and most prestigious “prep” schools in the U.S., Phillips Academy. Widely regarded for its high quality schools and community spirit, Andover is a highly desirable community.